SQL Reporting Software

SQL Reporting Software

SQL (Structured Query Language) data makes it fast and easy to generate detailed reports and learn more about your system, whether you want to view the alarm history, check a log of every batch run, or even monitor amounts of different resins.

Conair's new SQL Reporting Software enables precise system tracking, without requiring any previous experience with SQL to implement.  Whether you're looking to identify and solve potential problems, or just make your process more efficient, reporting software is the key to improvement.

  • A variety of preprogrammed reports
  • Track job specifications and your costs
  • Define your own parameters
  • Report output options
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Specifications (click here to hide)
SLQ Reporting Software
Compatible equipment TrueBlend™ (with SB2 controls)
TrueBlend EXT™
TrueWeigh™ Continuous Blender
Compatible SQL database management software Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 and 2012
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 and 2012 Express Edition
Computer 800 MHz Processor PC recommended with a minimum of 4 GB free hard disk space
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7
Video SVGA
Printer Required for had copy reports
Interface ethernet connection Category 5 Ethernet cable