TBI Insulated Blender

TBI Insulated Blender
Gravimetric Batch Blenders

When process flow specifications dictate that materials are dried and then blended, your process can suffer from unwanted moisture regain in your dried material. Standard blenders, incapable of dealing with hot material can operate erratically, with seal and/or bearing failures, heat loss, sensor malfunctions and hot surface hazards.


Conair TBI Insulated Blenders are specifically outfitted to handle hot material safely, reliably and most importantly, prevent moisture from re-saturating your dried material.

  • Built to handle hot material.
  • Designed to prevent moisture regain.
  • High temperature construction.
  • A full range of models.
  • Fully-featured precision blenders.


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Features (click here to hide)

Batches from 1000 grams to 9000 grams.

Up to 6 components.

Conveying equipment for supply and takeaway.

By-pass and drain lines.

Mezzanine, floor to machine mounting.

High temperature air cyclinders and hosing.

High temperature load cells.

High temperature level sensor.

Tempered sight glasses.

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