Bulk Distribution Boxes

Bulk Distribution Boxes
Material Distribution

Because Conair’s Bulk Distribution Boxes are modular; material outlets may be added as your needs grow. Any module may be directed towards your material destination to assure the easiest possible line routing. The box modules are the industry standard 16-inch square bolt pattern and allow for a wide variety of line sizes, draining and easy cleanout options.

  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Easy air-to-material ratio adjustment
  • May be hard piped
  • Modular, expandable
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Features (click here to hide)

Smooth material flow.

Typical distribution box feed tube

Options (click here to hide)

Quick cleanout.

Slide bottom plate.

SB model.

RB model.

Slide bottom with valve.

Transition with valve.

Angel hair remover.

Slide gate.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Bulk Distribution Boxes Bulk Distribution Boxes Mounting Flange
Single Outlet Distribution Box Single Outlet Distribution Box Mounting Flange
Bulk Distribution Boxes
Feed Tube Kit (OD) Fits in port size
1.5 inch {38 mm}  S
1.75 inch {45 mm)   S 
2 inch {51 mm}  S
2.25 inch {57 mm}  S
2.5 inch {64 mm}  S
3 inch {76 mm}   L
4 inch {102 mm}  L
Single Outlet Distribution Box
Material Outlet (OD) Box Part Number
1.50 inch {38 mm} 101-631-01
1.75 inch {45 mm) 101-631-02
2.00 inch {51 mm} 101-631-03
2.25 inch {57 mm} 101-631-04