ControlWorks 2.0™


ControlWorks 2.0™
System Controls

Manage your plant with easy-to-navigate and intuitive data screens that simplify the management of your auxiliary system.  With the ControlWorks system you will be able to change equipment setpoints, diagnose alarms and check machine status all from one centrallized location. 

ControlWorks 2.0 automatically saves all data and generates progress reports that indicate total resin usage.

  • View your entire system at a glance
  • Easily organize the plant floor
  • Download or instantly recall blender recipes
  • Simple remote access
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Features (click here to hide)

Bulk storage module.

Blending module.

Thermolator module (available soon!).

Central water module (available soon!).

ResinWorks module.

Dryer module.

FLX-128 or ELS module.

Data collection and reporting.

Local or remote access.

Quick find - navigate whatever way you choose.

Configure to suit your process.


Options (click here to hide)

RAID Storage Controller.

WebSpace package.

Email Alarm package.


Specifications (click here to hide)
ControlWorks 2.0™ Hardware/Software Specifications*
Computer Quad Core 2.8 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB disk drive, 8x DVD drive
Operating system Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Additional software System Recovery, Adobe Acrobat Reader, anti-virus software, CD burning software, Microsoft® Excel
Input devices keyboard, mouse
Ethernet connection (quantity 2) 10/100/1000 MBPS newtorking ports
Monitor 27-inch ultra sharp

Specification Notes:
The ControlWorks 2.0 system comes fully installed on a PC dedicated solely to the function of ControlWorks.  All installation of network switches, and wiring is not included.


Specifications may change without notice.  Check with a Conair representative for the most current information.