CSC Model Cutter

CSC Model Cutter
Servo Cutter

Conair (CSC) Servo Cutter Series precisely cuts corrugated, flexible, rigid tubing or custom profiles to precise lengths on demand or automatically. Choose from two models to match your high-speed cutting needs: pick the CSC-L (light duty) for maximum cuts per minute on flexible tubing, or the heavy-duty model CSC with increased cutting torque for tough materials and heavy wall extrusions.

The eye-level, front-mounted operator interface allows easy setup and monitoring, and links seamlessly with your extrusion line.

  • Cut capacity up to 4-3/4 inches
  • All new operator control
  • Adjustable center line
  • Enhanced cutting
  • High-speed
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Options (click here to hide)

Stainless steel cutter head.

Cutting torque horse power upgrade (Std. on CSC4 & CSC5).

Follower cutting mode.

Timer mode.

Variable blade speed for on-demand and flywheel cut modes.

Slide base system.

Batch counter.

Electric eye and bracket for use with end sense mode.

Blade wipe system.

Bushing lubrication system.

Left-to-right operation.

Custom paint.

Blade heater with Athena temperature control.

CE certification.

UL certification.

Specifications (click here to hide)
CSC Front View  CSC Side View 
Performance characteristics
Extrudate capacity  inches {mm} diameter 1.25 {318} 2.25 {572} 1.75 {445} 2.75 {699} 3.75 {953} 4.75 {1207}
Blade drive motor  Hp {kW}

3.25 {2.4}

4.4 {3.2}

High torque motor Hp {kW}  (optional) N/A N/A 3.8 {2.8} STD
Feed direction right-to-left
Dimensions     inches {mm}
A - Height 63 {1600}
B - Height to centerline  42±2 42 {1067}
C - Width 36 {914}
D - Depth 24 {614}
Approximate weight     lb {kg}
Installed 600 {272}
Shipping 700 {317}
Voltage    Full load amps
460V/3 phase/60 Hz Consult Conair
Cutter head     
Aluminum 2-position  Yes Yes Yes  Yes  N/A  N/A 
Stainless steel 2-position  N/A N/A Yes  Yes  STD  STD 
Cutter Control Touchscreen