MPCB Series

MPCB Series
Cooling Tanks

Conair’s MPCB Series multi-pass tanks are designed for applications where space is tight and a combination puller/cooling tank is needed. The MPCB tank utilizes servo driven multi-pass sheaves within the cooling tank to circulate product multiple times within a limited space. Multi-pass tanks, a Conair invention, are designed to minimize floor space and water consumption by utilizing a shorter length of tank for multiple passes of product. Product can pass through the three
compartments of the MPCB tank up to five times, thus giving 120 feet {36 m} of flood cooling with only a 27-foot long {8 m} footprint (MPCB-24 model).

  • Space-saving technology.
  • Simplified cleanout.
  • Integrated components save cost.
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Left-to-right direction.

Special paint.

Passivation of stainless components to minimize corrosion caused by surface impurities that is recommended for medical applications.

Stainless steel frame.

Stainless steel and plastic plumbing package with no copper or brass.

230/3/60, 380/3/50 or 575/3/60 power supply.

Servo driven 20-inch first pass roller to minimize rubber band effect.

Mounting of customer supplied ultrasonic wall unit in first 18 inches of vacuum chamber with water connections including debubbling unit for water input and two adjustable roller pedestals.

Trojan (model) UV Max ultraviolet water treatment unit.

Minntech (model) polypropylene filter housing with 5 micron rating filter.

Two additional non driven wheel for five pass operation.

CE Certification.

UL Certification.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Front View Side View
Model MPCB-18 MPCB-24
Performance characteristics
Capacity (tube) Up to 0.5 inch {12.7 mm} diameter
Number of compartments 3
Number of passes Up to 5
Water circulation pump (open) 2 Hp
Water system contacts Non-ferrous
Dimensions      inches {mm}
A - Overall height   74 {1879.6}
B - Tank height  8 {203}
C - Overall length   feet {mm}  21.25 {6477}  27.20 {8290.56}
D - Overall width    inches {mm}  55 {1397}
Cooling chamber length   feet {mm} 18 {5486} 24 {7315}
Cooling chamber width 26 {660}
Air wipe chamber length 24 {610}
Primary (driven) sheave diameter 20 {508}
Secondary (non-driven) sheave  12 {304} 
Adjustments 3-plane manual
Centerline height 42 ±2 {1066.8 ±50.8}
Tank material Stainless steel 
Full length splash tray Stainless steel 
Tank roller brackets  18 24
Base frame  Welded painted steel
Approximate weight     lb {kg}    
Shipping  3400 {1542}  3900 {1769}
Voltage   Full load amps    
460V/3 phase/60 Hz Consult Conair