MTAC Series
MTAC Series
Takeaway Conveyor


Conair MTAC Series take–away conveyors assure efficient extruded product handling. Typically located directly after cutting devices, the MTAC assures product is moved away from the cutter at adjustable speeds typically in excess of line speed, eliminating accumulation and sorting confusion. Extruded products are efficiently moved toward packaging and/or other handling operations. Diverter arms may be easily added to direct product flow.

The belt surface, in 4 or 8-inch widths and up to 16 feet long is white and durable, minimizing handling contamination of extruded product by operators. The belt drive is a 1 Hp variable speed AC motor.

  • Labor free parts collection
  • Easy segregation of good and bad parts
  • Medical application option
  • Static-free production collection
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Options (click here to hide)

Pneumatic ejector system including accumulator tank, regulator and controls with air knife or positionable, variable flow nozzles to eject the parts into a collecting tray. Available single or dual station blow-off.

Medical configuration with precision up/down/tilt actuators. Available powder coated or in stainless steel.

Upgrade to swing arm control.

Stainless steel parts collection tray (various lengths available).

Full or compact length.

Single station full length blow off manifold with lock line air nozzles designed to blow cut pieces from conveyor top including discrete time delay.

Dual station with parts blowing off front or rear of conveyor.

HMI touchscreen control.

Upgrade to air knife discharge in place of steel pipe for single or dual station blow off.

High speed drive configurations for 500 and 600 FPM applications.

Left-to-right operation.

Custom paint.

Dual sided with catch trays on both sides.

Static de-ionizer bar with controls.

CE certification.

Precision height adjustment with hand wheel and gearbox at each end of frame.

UL certification.

230/3/60 and 460/3/60 voltages.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Models MTAC 406 MTAC 408 MTAC 410 MTAC 412 MTAC 416
Performance characteritics
Belt width   inches {mm} 4 {101}
Conveyor length  feet {m} 6 {1.83} 8 {2.43} 10 {3.04} 12 {3.65} 16 {1.82}
Belt type Endless Poly-Kleen white covered belts
Belt speed 20 FPM to 500 FPM {152 m/min.}
Drive motor 1 Hp variable speed AC motorc
Dimensions      inches {mm}
A - Overall height 53 {1346}
B - Height to top of belt 40 ± 2 {1016± 51}
C - Overall length 72 {1829} 96 {2438} 120 {3048} 144 {3657} 192 {4877}
D - Overall width 29.5 {749.3}
Approximate weight    lb {kg}
Shipping Consult Conair
Voltage    Full load amps
 110V/1 phase/60 Hz Consult Conair