Sure Cut Rotary Knife Cutter

Sure Cut Rotary Knife Cutter
Servo Cutters

The Conair Sure Cut Rotary Knife Cutter offers excellent versatility for processors who need one cutting system for a variety of applications.  This cutter is essential for processors who face one or several product changes a day.  The Sure Cut can go from cutting small parts at high line speeds to cutting extremely large tubes and profiles.  In fact, the Sure Cut cutter can handle parts so large, that a saw would have been required previously.

The front-mounted control allows easy setup and monitoring.  The repeatability feature ensures consistent cuts.

  • Cut capacity up to 4 x 7 inches (SC-5) or 6 x 12 inches (SC-8)
  • Up to 300 cuts per minute
  • All new operator control
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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Features (click here to hide)

24-inch flywheel.

Up to 150 cuts/minute on demand with one blade.

Blade speeds adjustable to 300 RPM.

Surface speeds to 0.438 inches per millisecond.

Heavy-duty positional AC brushes servo drive.

10:1 planetary gear head reducer.

3,000 pulse bi-directional encoder.

Polycarbonate blade observation window.

Heavy-duty leveling screws and pads.


The standard control:

Large easy-to-read displays.

Five modes of operation: Timer, Encoder, End Sense, Flywheel and Follower.

Soft Keys allow the operator to select different functions.

Numeric keys permit data entry for the operator.

Fixed function keys contain universal symbols and text.

Options (click here to hide)

Optional blade lubrication system.

Optional slide base assembly with position locking mechanism.

Optional discharge conveyor.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Front view Side view
Models SC-5 SC-8
Performance characteristics
Extruder capacity  inches {mm}    
  Tube diameters  2.25 - 5.25 {57 - 133}  2.25-7.25 {57-184}
  Profile dimensions  2x4 - 2x10, 4x7 {51x102 - 51x254, 102x178}  2.25x26.6 - 6.25x12.25 {57x676 - 159x311} 
Blade drive motor  Hp {kW}  4.6 {3.4}  10.0 {7.5kW} 
Feed direction right to left   right to left
Dimensions  inches {mm}
A - Height  47.0 {1194}  70.0 {1778} 
B - Height to centerline  40.0 ±2 {1016 ±50.8}  44.0 ±3 {1117.6 ±76.2} 
C - Length  44.0 {1118}   41.4 {1051}
D - Width  52.0 {1321}  73.0 {1854} 
Voltage/phase/frequency  230V/3/60 Hz or 460V/3/60 Hz  230V/3/60 Hz or 460V/3/60 Hz  
Cutter control  Red Lion {CL0/FM4}  Red Lion {CL0/FM4}