Water Spray Tanks (MSBHI)

Water Spray Tanks (MSBHI)
Spray/Vacuum Sizing Equipment

Conair MSBHI Series cooling tanks produce a high-pressure spray that cools tube and profile extrusions faster and in less space than immersion tanks.

For pipe and tube of significant mass, immersion tanks compromise cooling efficiency due to the formation of an insulation layer over the hot product surface. MSBHI high intensity spray tanks eliminate this problem and increase cooling efficiency through the process of extreme turbulent cooling. Cooling water droplets striking the hot surface rapidly conduct the heat away and are driven off in a continuous process.

  • Easy to operate
  • Stainless-steel components
  • Tank lengths of 16 to 24 feet {4.9 to 7.3 meters}
  • Options to fit your needs
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Options (click here to hide)

Left-to-right extrusion direction.

Thermometer for upper tank or reservoir.

7.5 Hp water circulation system.

10 Hp water circulation system.

Additional 2-inch or 3-inch turbo filter.

Built in rail system.

AC inverter and selector switch.

5 Hp liquid ring vacuum pump powered by 7.5 Hp motor and 72 cubic feet per minute.

Bolt-on-air wipe chamber includes lock line nozzles.

Special roller rack system for solid profiles.

Custom paint.

Eight contoured product rollers.

Four foot flood cooling compartment.

One inch thick clear lids for ease of process observations including hold down clamps for water retention.

Specifications (click here to hide)
Front view Side view
Tank Style 16-12 24-12
Performance characteristics
Tube/profile capacity   inches {mm} Up to 12 {305}
Number of compartments 1
Length of compartments   feet {cm} 16 {488} 24 {732}
Tank movement   inches {mm}     
Width  ±1.5 {38} 
Height ±2.5 {64}
Dimensions      inches {mm}
Overall length   ft {cm}  17 {518}  25 {762} 
A - Overall height   inches {mm}  60 {1524}  84 {1524}
B - Height to centerline   inches {mm}  39 {991} 
C - Tank length  ft {cm}  16 {488}  24 {731} 
D - Overall width  inches {mm}  53 {1346}
 Tank compartment width   inches {mm} 12 {306}
 Tank compartment height   inches {mm} 8 {203} 
Bulk head diameter  inches {mm}  12 {305}  16 {406} 
 Approximate weight    lb {kg}    
Shipping  4000 {1814}  4800 {2177}
 Electrical requirement   Full load amps    
230V/3 phase/60 Hz  Consult Conair 
460V/3 phase/60 Hz  (Std.) Consult Conair   
Water requirement     

100 gpm {379 liters/min} (if purchased without pumps)
main supply line 1 inch NPT fitting