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FLX-128 Plus

Now with features never offered before by any conveying control, the FLX-128 Plus was designed for today’s newest conveying technology. The FLX-128 Plus maintains all the features and capability that made the original FLX-128 so popular, plus much more! Smarter, faster, and stronger, the FLX-128 Plus is designed to work with Conair’s R-PRO™ Resin Protection System, the ILP (Invisible Line Proofing), and the MVP (Material Vision Proofing). The FLX-128 Plus flexible control system utilizes a combination of centralized I/O and expansion modules, interconnected via industrial Ethernet to provide control of up to 128 receivers, 40 pumps (plus 2 back-up pumps) and 256 source valves. A full color touch screen with descriptive picture icons assures that even with little or no training, any user will be comfortable monitoring or making changes on up to 40 independently operating vacuum systems.


In resin conveying, conventional radius elbows are designed to “soften” the turn resin must take when changing direction. But traditional long or short radius bends, create undesirable friction from the high speed resin, creating heat, abrasion of the resin and the elbow, streamers and dust. Now, with stainless steel or aluminum Pellbows®, a compact "pocket" elbow installed in place of conventional bends, resin no longer rides against the inside wall of a radius elbow, but efficiently rolls across a collected pocket of resin. The results are a dramatic decrease in heat, dust, streamers and virtually no wearing of the elbow.


The Conair DeDuster® C-50 is a "throat-mounted" dust control separator that removes dust, angel hair and streamers from material just before it enters production. Conair’s patented DeDuster is perfect for applications with throughputs up to 50 lbs/hr where processors have problems with black spots or weak spots in parts due to dust and streamers. The DeDuster removes these problems at the throat which results in reduced scrap rates, higher quality parts, and increased profit. Easy-to-use with a simple on/off switch, feeder speed knob and a clear dust container. The see-through container allows for visual confirmation that streamers and dust are being removed from the resin just before the injection mold machine or extruder. The dust container is easily removed and emptied by hand, without any tools, in less than ten seconds.

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